who we are

The Imperfect Church is a gathering of Christian believers, skeptics, and non-believers who are exploring faith together and experiencing life in pursuit of God’s reality. In the Christian scriptures, the origins of the word “church” come from the Greek concept of “ecclesia,” which means “the gathering of those who belong together.”


The Imperfect Church exists to pursue honest, transparent, and transformative relationships with God and people, based on the reality of every human being’s imperfection and the perfect, unconditionally loving nature of God.

The Imperfect Church is an experiment of what could occur if all people—regardless of their beliefs, behaviors, or skills—were welcomed with honest and open hospitality. It is an experiment to see how profoundly people’s faith in God could be formed, how deep their personal conversion to the likeness of Christ could become, and how altered their lives would be if we began, led, and finished our relationships with each other in uncompromising devotion to unconditional love, unlimited mercy, and unfaltering hospitality.

The Imperfect Church is an experiment to see if mature Christian believers can indeed be formed without the moralistic judgmentalism and controlism so prevalent in modern North American Evangelicalism. The modern American Evangelical culture often makes loving relationships conditional upon an individual’s willingness, readiness, and ability to align themselves to biblical beliefs and behaviors. The Imperfect Church is an experiment to see if genuine transformation can indeed occur in people’s lives without the leveraging of conditional relationship. It is an experiment to see if unlimited grace, unconditional love, and unwavering hospitality—when met with sound, biblical teaching—can indeed lead people into a life-altering encounter with the One, True God of the universe.


The Imperfect Church is an experiment to see what could happen if we allow God to be solely responsible for the transformation of the human heart, without the meddling and controlism of moralistic self-righteousness. It is an experiment to see if the Holy Spirit can indeed renovate the human heart in His own power alone, without us trying to muscle up or force some outward modification of human behavior. It is an experiment to see how transformed and godly people can become when God exclusively does the work in the hearts of imperfect people who put simple faith in His ability, not ours.