what we value

The Imperfect Church was founded to create a unique context where a very specific set of ideas and beliefs could be practiced in a fresh, inspiring environment. In basic foundation, we believe in the core, scriptural, orthodox teachings of the Christian Church that have been taught throughout all cultures since the life of Jesus Christ and the conclusion of the Canon of Scripture.


In the unique mission of our church, we hold a specific set of ten core values that flow from that orthodox faith:

  • Hospitality is our nature

  • Love is unconditional, period.

  • Transformation of life is real

  • God is the exclusive source of transformation

  • God’s grace is scandalously unlimited

  • God has created every human with a specific glory

  • Authentic diversity will be politically incorrect

  • Church must be simple

  • Excellence is an act of worship

  • Generosity is our way of life