The Most Important Day

So today is Good Friday, what I would consider the second-most holy day for Christians. The first is right around the corner—Easter Sunday. Today marks the day God stepped towards humanity to take full responsibility for the mess that is humanity. Instead of expecting us to find some way to fix the millennia-upon-millennia-long problem of selfishness, brokenness, wrongdoing, and sin that ran rampant throughout humanity, God took it upon Himself to face it for Himself. In the person of Jesus Bar-Joseph from a little backwater village called Nazareth in Galilee, God would take upon Himself the judgement of all wrong in the human universe. Sin’s penalty was fully paid, so that we could EACH experience unconditional love, radical forgiveness, and the opportunity to live a completely different life.

Here’s where the most important day becomes truly most important. Most humans struggle with the idea of being completely and radically forgiven because we struggle—rightly so—with not wanting to give us all a “free pass” and to look the other way on wrongdoing. We want the wrong to be fixed. We want to live better. We want to do right. We want to overcome the perennial struggle with our failure.

Enter the most important day in Christianity. Easter Sunday: the penalty of sin being fully dealt its hand in the death of Jesus, it was now time for a new beginning. Death and wretchedness could no longer hold Him down. The stone over His grave rolled back; the lifeless and decaying body of Jesus breathed victory once again. The resurrection occurred.

And in that one supernatural moment that violated everything we know about natural science and physical law, a new beginning was offered to every human being. Instead of being bound to the endless cycle of defeat and failure, we are offered to enter into a journey of resurrection. Through faith in who He is, and what He accomplished that Easter weekend some 1,987 years ago, we are given the opportunity to live in a new power, a new strength, a new victory.

I do not always access this victory. You know that. You see it more often than I wish you did.

But when I choose to focus my faith on the victory that is ours in Christ Jesus, spiritual transformation occurs in me that is every bit as supernatural as a resurrected physical body. It can occur in you as well.

If you’d like to hang out with us at The Imperfect Church this Easter Sunday, we’d love to have you join us. We cannot meet in person due to the virus deal, but we’re having some really, really cool times using Zoom to meet up electronically. If you’re interested, email me, and I’ll send you the link. (We’re not publishing it openly, as there are these nasty “Zoom-bombers” going around these days purposely messing up Zoom meetings…ugh….)

We’ll meet Easter Sunday night at 6:30 on Zoom….come hang out with us…gonna be a really fun way to celebrate the resurrection and think about how it can resurrect us, too!!

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