more on our ten core values
Hospitality is our nature.

We believe that every human being is created in the image of God, with immeasurable value and distinct purpose, and is loved by God without limit. Every human being should therefore be treated with the utmost dignity, honor, and pro-active welcome in the church, regardless of where they are in the continuum of spiritual transformation and alignment with God’s ideals for their lives.


We believe that every person’s story should be met with respect, acceptance, and safety. Regardless of where a person may be in lifestyle, circumstance, choices, successes, or failures, the honest disclosure of their life should be met with loving-kindness, welcome, support, and encouragement. Even more so where lifestyles and circumstances are less than God’s ideal, the hospitality and welcome of the church can lead and inspire people to find God’s unconditional love, unlimited mercy, and genuine transformation for their lives.


A person’s authentic encounter with the limitless love of God begins here. The church must steward that beginning well.