why the imperfect church

God’s Nature Lived Openly in The Imperfect Church: Unconditional love, while the unyielding nature of God, is not the natural state of human beings. We crave being the recipient of unconditional love. But it is not in our nature to freely give it to others. We can give it in fits and starts to those we enjoy or are most bonded to. But even in our most important relationships, our love often waffles between a truly sacrificial, unconditional love, and a self-serving, conditional affection. The difficulty that we all have in important relationships such as
our marriages, our best friendships, or our parenting betray the fact that unconditional love does not come easily or naturally to us at all.


We must learn to love without limitation. Our nature as humans begins in a state of self-centeredness. From our birth, we crave our own needs being met above the needs of others. It is only through a significant maturing and a genuinely spiritual formation that we learn to act
with truly unconditional love towards everyone in every situation.


When we say that the Imperfect Church is an experiment to see what would occur if began, led, and finished our relationships with each other in uncompromising devotion to unconditional love, unlimited mercy, and unfaltering hospitality, we recognize that there is much work to be done to achieve success in this experiment. It is an ambitious endeavor to seek the transformation of an entire community into people who know precisely how to love without limit, and who consistently and unwaveringly practice it.