why the imperfect church

The Truth: Change is real, and it is possible. But it is only possible through the direct activity of God. The scriptures teach that authentic, biblical human transformation is exclusively an act of God’s grace, applied by the Holy Spirit into the hearts of those who believe, seek His
, and surrender to His Word.


Any authentic change in human behavior, beliefs, ideologies, or worldview only occurs as God supernaturally works in the hearts of believers to move them to keep His decrees. Behavior modification that comes from human effort, muscled up by sheer acts of human will,
is no more pleasing to God than an untransformed life. Efforts at change that arise from sheer human willpower do not produce lasting, spiritually authentic changes in the human’s life.


Transformation that comes from the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in the human heart will be authentic, powerful, lasting, and truly spiritual.


We need a church with laser-focus on the theology of God’s pursuit of us, His acceptance of us, and His empowerment to genuine transformation. We believe that experiencing the unlimited grace of God, in the context of unconditionally loving relationships, practiced with unfaltering hospitality, will produce the catalyst necessary for the human being to surrender to the leading
of God and find this authentic life change.


This means being certain that no relationships are held hostage to some condition. Human love that is withheld for any reason—to include withholding for the recipient’s unsavory behavior, differing ideas, worldview, or beliefs—is not an authentic expression of the love of God. To live as God would live is to love others as God loves: with unearned favor, endless forgiveness, and self-sacrificial pursuit.


We believe the church must love as God loves, and must do so towards every human we are so privileged to encounter. We believe that extending unconditional grace is the most God-like thing we can do, and will therefore be the most powerful catalyst to help people find genuine transformation in authentic relationship with God.


This is the most important core of the Imperfect Church’s doctrine and reason for existence.