more on our ten core values
Authentic diversity will be politically incorrect.

We believe in genuine diversity, but not in political correctness. We believe that every human being is created in the image of God, and should be loved, accepted, and engaged in relationship regardless of their beliefs, behaviors, background, ethnicity, orientation, and ideology…but we also believe that not all lifestyles, ideologies, orientations, or worldviews are healthy or godly. Contrary to popular opinion, these two truths are not incongruent.


Authentically loving relationships are not contingent on agreement and alignment of all ideas and values; rather, unconditional love can and should exist among those who differ greatly.


For example, it is a falsehood to believe that teaching a conservative, biblical morality on matters of sexual identity and behavior is unloving or bigoted, or that it negates the ability to live in close, bonded relationship with those who differ in their lifestyle or beliefs, as many Progressives would suggest.


It is also a falsehood to consider that a loving, bonded, and accepting relationship with those who live differently than biblical teaching is in any way an acceptance and encouragement of those lifestyles, as many Conservatives fear, and therefore avoid.


The modern American political machine seeks to polarize and divide—rather than unify—as means of gaining political power. It seeks to punish those with differing ideologies through isolation and rejection of relationship. It does so on both the Conservative and Progressive side of the political spectrum. It polarizes and divides as a means of controlling thought and ideas, seeking conformity of thought rather than genuine unity amidst diversity.


We reject the agenda of modern political correctness that seeks a conversion of ideas to a false uniformity of thought. We seek instead to find unity in the midst of disagreement by living with respect, graciousness, and dignity towards those with whom we differ.


We believe that unity is being agreeable, respectful, and kind, all of which is not predicated on being in full agreement with one another on any matter—political, moral, or spiritual.


We are not a church for everyone. Those who want a moralistic, harsh, or judgmental approach towards lifestyles which are far from God will not find the Imperfect Church to be friendly to their ideas as we seek to walk in authentically loving relationship and respect with those who have different ideas and lifestyles. But also, those who want a progressive, liberal worldview that makes all morality relativistic and encourages unbiblical lifestyles may be equally frustrated by our loving, yet uncompromising teaching of biblical truth and our desire to see all humans come into a transforming relationship with God.