more on our ten core values
Love is unconditional, period.

We believe that real love has no condition placed upon it. Period. God is love, and His love is without limit, is absolutely unearned, and is bestowed upon every human being without condition. Therefore, we human beings should follow God’s example and love everyone without limit or condition.


Human love that is withheld for any reason—to include withholding for the recipient’s unsavory behavior, differing ideas, worldview, or beliefs—is not an authentic expression of the love of God. To live as God would live is to love others as God loves: with unearned favor, endless forgiveness, and self-sacrificial pursuit.


We believe the church must love as God loves, and must do so towards every human we are so privileged to encounter. This includes not only our encounter with people we meet in the world or in the church, but also those with whom we relate the closest—our loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues.