more on our ten core values
Generosity is our way of life.

We believe that generosity is an essential and core aspect of the mature spiritual life. We believe that everything we possess is a gift from God, given to us to meet not only our own needs, but also to be shared with others. Our finances come as a gift from God, as He enables us with intelligence, skill, and opportunity to work and earn a living. Our homes and possessions are a gift from God that we have procured through the gift of earned finances. Our time, talents, and physical capabilities are all gifts from God as He gives us life and health.


We seek to develop a culture of generosity in our church where we joyfully give back to others a portion of what has been given to us. The Bible defines the Church as a “storehouse” through which generosity can be channeled to meet the needs of others, serve our community, and faithfully execute ministry. We seek to carefully steward our church budget by utilizing the funds generously given by our members in a balance between meeting the needs of the poor, serving our community and world in mission, and resourcing the ministry staff and operational expenses of the church.