more on our ten core values
God’s Grace is scandalously unlimited.

We believe that unlimited grace is the very essence and nature of God’s identity. We believe that all humans are given unearned favor by God, that He bestows this grace on all humans without condition, and that God’s grace is the one true path to an authentic relationship with God, repentance for sin in the human soul, and the transformation of the human heart to a new way of living.


We believe that because it is the true nature of God’s identity, grace is the central doctrine and theme of the Christian faith. Grace must be practiced in the church as God practices it—giving grace to all people before and while they are still in sin. As modeled and experienced in the life of Jesus Christ, however, this will be viewed by religious people as scandalous. Sinners will be given hospitality and welcome. The religiously self-righteous will see this as ungodly and an affirmation of sin. We believe the contrary—that extending unconditional grace is the most God-like thing we can do, and will therefore be the most powerful catalyst to help people find genuine transformation in authentic relationship with God.