the imperfect  church

imperfect people pursuing a perfect God.

​ The Imperfect Church exists to pursue honest, transparent, and transformative relationships with God and people, based on the reality of every human being’s imperfection and the perfect, unconditionally loving nature of God.


The Imperfect Church is a gathering of Christian believers, skeptics, and non-believers who are exploring faith together and experiencing life in pursuit of God’s reality. In the Christian scriptures, the origins of the word “church” come from the Greek concept of “ecclesia,” which means “the gathering of those who belong together.” 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic 

we are holding 

virtual church gatherings over

Zoom conference services every 

Sunday night at 6:30

until further notice.

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There is a central doctrine of the historic, orthodox Christian Church that while not lost to any theologian, pastor, or even most doctrinal statements of Bible-believing churches, it has been thoroughly missed by the average North American Christian. It's missing is the fault of casual theology, of simplistic teaching, and of fearful mismanagement of our relationships within the church. 


This central doctrine of Christianity is about the unlimited and unconditional grace of God for all humans, and how any authentic transformation of the human life is singularly a supernatural act of God in the believer’s heart. 

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So today is Good Friday, what I would consider the second-most holy day for Christians.